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Venues: Waterfront Warehouse

Located on the historic Halifax waterfront, this renovated tugboat repair shop is a seafood lover's delight. Its strong nautical theme is highlighted by colourful decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Sample our Oyster Menu, select a lobster from the tank, or enjoy planked salmon, Coquille St. Jacques, Black Angus striploin, or perhaps a menu of your own creation! It's all about Maritime hospitality, good-hearted fun, and memories that will last.

The atmosphere is both cozy - thanks to a giant stone fireplace - and uniquely expansive, thanks to the building's open concept and seating that can accommodate large banquets, private dining rooms, and meeting rooms. Also located in the building is the English-style Tug's Pub, which offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere to all who cross its threshold.

Click here to visit the official Waterfront Warehouse restaurant web site and to see our restaurant menus. (Please note that the link above is for group menus only. A regular restaurant menu is available on the Waterfront Warehouse restaurant website.)